Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things I Love

Taking pictures of beautiful families is at the top of that list. I had the pleasure of doing it again this weekend for a dear friend in my mommy group. They had the perfect field near their house & just as the sun was going down, we raced there to get brave the cold & get some great shots of precious Grace. Some, no, a lot, were out of focus. I still need to work on that. You'd think that would be lesson #1 in taking photos. I think I got used to the lens I first used, which had vibration reduction. My current one does not. I do not care for my current one. It's not very forgiving. But I also need to learn more about what settings to use, etc. Anyway - all that to say, every time I pick up the camera I see something new & something else I can learn & another beautifully captured moment, and I fall in love.

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Merry Christmas Dercks family!


Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

I love them all! You are so talented Lisa!

Jennifer Christy said...

Those are beautiful. What lens are your using?

lisa m said...

Thanks Jen! I have a Nikon d80 - with an 18-135mm lens. Makes it easy to do wide shots & close ups.

The Dercks said...

You are incredibly kind, Lisa...thank you so much. We appreciate you and your beautiful pictures more than you know! We'll treasure them always...and definitely hit you up again. :)