Friday, August 27, 2010

Sheryl Crow (My New BFF)

Well, my brother Greg, my sis Val & I all had a night out together last night. That doesn't happen, well really ever anymore. So it was great to just be together - just us Moses kids. Our good friend Ephraim Owens is on tour with Sheryl Crow. You may remember seeing his face in our wedding photos. Now he's big time. He's an incredibly talented musician, and even better human. He's worked hard to be where he is & I couldn't be happier or more proud. He was generous enough to get us tickets for the show last night, as well as backstage passes. Now I'll have to admit, I haven't really listened to Sheryl Crow since - um, college? But this was a great show. She's revamped some old songs & threw some new ones in that were really good. The show stopper was 'I Shall Believe', which she started out alone on piano. Towards the end of the song the whole band came in, and with the lights/horns/guitars/organ/singers... it was like a revival. Complete with goosebumps. We weren't really expecting to meet Sheryl, so it was a surprise when Ephraim went back to get her. She had already changed from her 6" platforms into her sweats & tennies. She was very gracious & down to earth.

I love hearing & being a part of music that makes you feel. Seeing our good friend up there made it even more moving.
Thanks for a memorable night E.

Ephraim on the left, blowing his horn.

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