Sunday, August 29, 2010


We had a special event with Levi today. The Medical City NICU had its annual costume party reunion for all of the 'graduates'. (See lifeguard outfit.) Levi was in the NICU for three weeks after his birth. In fact, this time last year, he had only been home a few weeks. Hard to look back at those pictures & believe that anyone could start out so small. The new Children's Hospital Wing looks amazing. I'm thankful we have such a respected hospital so close by.

We hoped that a very special nurse would be at the reunion today, so she could see how far Levi had come. We were on our way out, when I spotted her on the floor talking with another baby. We hustled over to talk to her & let her squeeze on Levi.

He smiled so big (as soon as I took the picture) and they laughed & laughed together. She's the sweetest, most supportive nurse & we couldn't have asked for anyone better to take care of our baby, when we couldn't. By the way, she took outstanding care of us too.
Thank you Sue - we love you!

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