Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sometimes events happen in our lives that make us reevaluate, re-prioritize, readjust. Sometimes these are small events, like the loss of a job. Sometimes they are monstrous. Like the loss of a child. I don't think there really is any bigger force is there? It's a call for a new normal. A call for a different life. Not the life you expected or hoped for. Not a call you wanted to answer.

As a new mom, it seems to me that when another mother loses her child, the rest of us feel a sliver of our hearts has been stripped away, and we can never mend a tear like that. We will all move on. We will all live full and meaningful lives. But we won't ever forget. Hopefully we'll remember the joy and the milestones and the fits of giggles and the huge beautiful brown eyes and the yummy smells and the cuddles. It also helps to remember the lives saved. The THREE people who now live because of ONE. What greater gift? And from one so small. You TWO are an inspiration to us all. So giving and loving and beyond words.

I saw a sign recently, advertising a high rise condo, as 'ambitious living'. When I think about ambitious living, I think about loving your partner & your family & your community the way Jesus loved us. I think the Byers & Millers are examples of this.

This is a prayer I hadn't thought about in a long time.
I now begin my day with it again... in an effort to make every day count. More.

Deliver us to our passion.
Deliver us to our brilliance.
Deliver us to our intelligence.
Deliver us to our depth.
Deliver us to our nobility.
Deliver us to our beauty.
Deliver us to our power to heal.
Deliver us to You.

photos and baby by carissa byers & daniel miller

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Mark and Abby said...

Inspiring post Lisa. Thinking about you and your friends during this hard time.