Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another 1st!

So I was holding out hope that Levi's shaggy, old man hair would suddenly turn into long flowing locks. Alas... no such luck. At least not at the 1 year mark. Hopefully once it starts growing in a little more, we can let it grow so he can be the hippy kid he's destined to be. For now, it was haircut time. We decided on Cool Cuts & I'm so glad we did. Olivia (one of my fave names BTW) was super sweet & Levi did great! He got to watch Thomas... he sat in my lap with a cool double person smock so we didn't get covered in hair... we even got a sweet souvenir scrapbook page with a lock of his first clipping. All in all, great experience. (And probably the last for a while!) hehe
But look how handsome!