Sunday, July 4, 2010


Baby - can you believe it? You're 1 year old! Well, not officially until the 9th, but we had your party this weekend. And what an awesome party it was! We had a big circus tent party - complete with clown noses & circus music & hot dogs & cotton candy & SOOOOO many friends & family. I think you were passed around from person to person, the whole time! You got to play with friends (animal golf, hoola hoops & a circus bean bag toss). *Thankfully all our prayers worked & the rain that had been coming down all week, decided to let up for a few hours so we could party outside.* You got to take pictures with silly red noses & clown glasses. (Mama found a great site on, dimpleprints that made a fantastic personalized program for all the signs, hats, cupcake toppers, etc. for me to print out.) The best part of the day was seeing you eat your 1st sweet treat! You LOOO-OOOOOved your cupcake. I wasn't sure how you'd react to it, but once you tasted it, you didn't hesitate gobbling it all down. That was your daddy's & my favorite part of the party. Along with being able to celebrate with so many loved ones. You've been surrounded by love since the day you decided it was time to come into the world. And that love has only grown every day since.
Thanks for making us a family.
We love you more than you know, & look forward to celebrating many more happy birthdays with you.

(Wait! We still have your REAL birthday to celebrate! YAY! More posts to come...)

*see more party photos here.

Thanks to my awesome brother, for picking up the camera when I had my hands full.

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Mark and Abby said...

What a great celebration you all had! I loved the red noses and crazy glasses! Congrats on having such a handsome little boy! Happy Birthday Levi! Lots of Love!