Sunday, July 18, 2010


Matt & I had a night alone last night - in celebration of 2 married years together. We skipped town & took a drive up 35. Yeah - all the way to Ft. Worth. ha! It was great. We stayed at the Omni downtown. My criteria when trying to book a place to surprise Matt, was that it was a) not too far & b) had an outdoor pool. Our room was spacious & the pool was complete with a bar/restaurant, AND since I mentioned it was our anniversary, we received a complimentary bottle of champagne & chocolate covered strawberries. We relaxed outside, had a great dinner here, and more pool time today before we left. It's nice to be able to get away every once in a while & remember our roles outside of baby mama. But, it's even nicer to come home to this:

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Sarah said...

love it! happy (belated) anniversary.