Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Date

Levi woke up bright & early, per usual, to celebrate his birthday! We played & had breakfast & a nap & then decided we'd head over to the Dallas World Aquarium. Which is not so easy a task. I'm sure I've been before, on a field trip, probably in 5th grade. But of course I had no concept back then, of street signs or maps or directions of any sort. Anyway, we made our way there & yet our trip had only begun. Traversing the aquarium with a stroller & a toddler & 100s of other kids & parents & strollers, is not a breeze. However, Levi got to see some really cool fishies & sharks & penguins & flamingos. It was worth going - although there probably won't be a return trip in our near future.
Back home to lunch (cause the shoes weren't doing it), & nap, & hopefully daddy will be taking us out for birthday dinner when he gets home.

OH! And there's 1 more cupcake I've been saving.... yay!

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