Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1 year check-up

We went to see our beloved pediatrician this am, to see how big you've grown. You now weigh 19lbs & you're 27 &5/8" tall. You checked out as one very healthy & happy 1 year old! I thought we'd be moving to a forward-facing car seat soon, but despite the general rule of 1 year & 20lbs, our doc said the new recommendations are to stay rear-facing as long as possible. So... safety first my little friend. You don't put up a fuss about facing the seat... and while you probably don't know what you're missing, we'll just keep you in that baby seat as long as we can. I don't need you growing up too fast anyway.

1 comment:

Beth Dotolo said...

so stinking cute! Happy birthday little guy!
Mine just turned 7 months... I hate when they grow up so fast.