Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You had a fun day today! We got to see your other Bradfield Bronco friends. All born around the same time, all with mommies who worked together at Bradfield. It was so fun seeing them. Two girls & two boys. Your first double date. Although you seemed more interested in the toys than the girls. Which is JUST FINE! We can keep it that way. 'Till you're at least 30. Mmk?

You are eleven months old. You are a mover & a shaker. If you can climb on it, you will. If you can crawl to it, you will. If you can eat it... well, we're still working on that. You're still not quite sure about foods that don't come in a jar. I am having so much fun planning your 1st birthday party. It will be a BIG celebration. Because you, my baby, are something to celebrate.

Happiest ever 11 months Baby.
I love you,

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Aunty Pat said...

Cannot believe how Levi has grown... and that he has been on our earth for almost one year.
Gorgeous photos. Thanks!
Aunty Pat!!