Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Funday

Or, stage 3? 4? What are we on now? Anyway, yesterday was dedicated to electrical work... to install the new light fixture above the new island, to install the new tv, & to install the new smoke detectors in all the bedrooms. Lots of electrifying work. Thanks a bajillion to Matt's electrician for all his help. All. Day. Long. And to Matt for all his work too. Now a little trim work, a little paint, a little butcher block for the island, a little furniture delivery... and then you'll all be invited over.
Cause we're gonna need a party after all this.

1 comment:

Aunty Pat said...

It is looking great... love the island and nice to see a bottle of vino on the island ready to open!!!
Don't forget to post pics when it is finished.
"Aunty Pat"