Friday, March 19, 2010

Remodel Fun

The floors are officially finished. YAYYYYY! So no more having to leave the house before breakfast time & finding a place that can accommodate baby food & bibs. It's been a whirlwind of a week - needing to be out of the house all day long. But, evidently Levi's other middle name is Trooper. Today we ran errands & then went to Baby Bounce at Northpark. Next up, a visit to our friend Tracy to see her new Lexiewear collection. Super cute! Those with little girls should check out her girly stuff. And for moms it's the best. Very casual & comfy. Now we're back at home & the floors look awesome & the baby is still asleep (cause I've woken him so many times today) & now we can breath. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.


Carissa Byers said...

Beautiful! You're always welcome to camp out among our boxes next time you're looking for a place to get away. :) We're only right near Northpark until Tuesday!

lisa montgomery said...

Thanks girly... I thought about calling you, but figured you had moving woes of your own to deal with. So happy for you guys! And seriously - if you need some time sans baby while you move, you know who to call!

Brandi Tooker said...

What a cute pic of Levi! Happy little boy! So sweet. :)