Thursday, January 7, 2010


So, I know I'm a total dork for posting this, but after my entry earlier from mackin ink, she left a comment! That's like the equivalent of getting a voicemail from Oprah. Or, at the very least, a call from that boy you've had a crush on since the 7th grade. She is one of my all time faves... along with Heather. I wanna be more like them when I grow up. Or rather, they teach me how to become even more 'me'.


"oh, geez. i'm not that nice!

i'm really not. {cringing now.}

and my husband would tell you i'm often a jerk.

eep. and i can't take a compliment, apparently. xoxo"
karey m.


1 comment:

karey m. said...

i just snorted. do not repeat that!

and you're very. very. very. sweet.

{in truth, i must repeat: i am not that sweet. i will work on this, though. xoxo.}