Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Fun

I'm so glad I got connected with this mom's group early on. It's really been great having other new moms to do things with. Today we went back to Baby Bounce at Northpark. Beforehand, we met up for lunch. Evidently Sam wanted some of his mommy's salad. What was so funny was Stephanie's reaction. She lifted Sam up, as if she was going to hand him off so she could clean off her lap... but instead of a tongue lashing, she burst out laughing & said, 'Quick take a picture!'. So sweet.

There were so many mamas & babies today... this is only 1/3 of the strollers that were parked out front. Luckily they have a nice lady who stands guard of them while we're all inside, gettin our sing-along on. I'm just so impressed with the Dallas Public Library & Northpark for hosting these events. Love the time with Peanut.


jennifer said...

That was a great reaction wasn't it!
I would love to know how you find to take these great photos- write so much about your life - and be a mommy!
For a minute I thought that photo of the hallway of pictures was your house!

lisa montgomery said...

it's called multi-tasking. and it's the reason i got out of the shower yesterday without washing the conditioner out of my hair.