Friday, January 8, 2010

6 Months!

This is going by so quickly. In these short six months, you have graced us with overly abundant happiness & love. I have the same wishes for your whole life. That you may always find peace & happiness. During those (hopefully) rare times you don't feel one or the other, I hope you can rely on us to show you they're just around the corner.
Happiest ever six months Baby.
I love you,


karey m. said...

i was just going to write and ask your babe's name...might be too personal, but i love names.

and then i read your post about me. and now i'm having a glass of prosecco. because it's quite a lovely thing to be admired when you're such a dork.

thank you for the burst of confidence you just gifted me. xoxo.

lisa montgomery said...

KM - his name is Levi. LEVI MATTHEW. And my heart overflows & leaks out all over whenever I say it, or think of him. I wonder if that will subside at all in time. I hope not. I used to be accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve. Now I hold it in my arms & it coos & laughs & smiles, for everyone to see.
Thanks for asking.
[BTW, your girls' names are extraordinary.]

karey m. said...

love it. and love your new chop! xoxo...