Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes, it warrants all caps. MATT RAN THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON! It was a whirlwind trip & so much fun! I am so proud of him. I really don't know how anyone does it. He had been training about four months. His goal was just to finish. Which he did of course, with flying colors. His name was in the NY Times.

I was able to find a look-out high enough to catch his eye at about mile 18 & again at 23. He seemed to be in good spirits the 1st time I saw him. The 2nd time, closer to the end, I had a little trouble getting him to notice me. I ended up attempting to sprint up the street, camera, homemade sign & purse flailing, running over little kids & old folks, just to get even with him long enough to get his attention. We had written his nickname on his shirt the night before, so of course everyone was yelling his name & it took great effort to yell it loudly enough for him to hear me over the crowds. I tried to get some photos, but I was so emotional when I saw him, that I just wanted to really 'see' him & make sure he was ok. And since that was the most exercise I had had in about 13 months, I started looking for a gatorade station. So the photos became secondary. We'll be ordering the 'official' photos they take at the race. The millions of New Yorkers who come out in support of the runners is truly amazing. What an accomplishment. What a memorable trip. So glad I encouraged him to enter (so I could tag along to NY!) & that he agreed! His dedication to the training is a testament to his character.

You can see more photos HERE.

We were able to sneak in a few sights. We needed another week to be able to see everything we wanted to. But we had something important to get back to.

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