Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Change Or Not To Change

So, it's 2am, you've just finished feeding the baby & you realize, despite your efforts at keeping the collar of his pj's dry with one of the multiple burp cloths you go through a day... the pj's are now wet. The question is, do you wake him to change him into new clothes? Or just let him sleep as is, in pajamas with a wet circle around the neck.

Now here's a personal admission... I have some slight sensory integration issues. (My SLP friends are laughing.) One of my triggers? Wet clothing. I hate when I have on long sleeves & one of my cuffs gets wet from washing my hands. I hate when I lean up against the bathroom sink & my shirt gets wet. And God forbid, I have socks on & step in something wet. Call my therapist.

So, back to my question... is it any wonder what I did in that situation? Would YOU want to sleep in wet pajamas?
I thought not.

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