Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's been so fun having people come over to meet Levi. We're so proud of him & love introducing him to everyone we know. Yesterday he got to meet my oldest & dearest friend, Yvette, and her beautiful daughter Lola. I've know Yvette since we were a touch older than Lola. Full circle moment.
We also introduced him to his first playmate, Will... born just a couple weeks ago. We've had so many friends having babies around the same time! It's been so fun. Can't wait till they're all running around together.

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Yvette Livesay-Wright said...

So good to see you. It had been too long. Lola still comments about Baby Levi. And if you happen to say ANY word that even remotely rhymes with Levi, she says "Baby Levi??? I held Baby Levi!!!". Love you guys.