Monday, August 3, 2009

Learning on the Job

It's not easy bringing home a newborn. Especially one so tiny you could fit him in your pocket. There's been some trial & error... some figuring to do, on what makes him the happiest, (especially regarding what mom eats, what he listens to when he goes to sleep, how he likes to be wrapped up like a burrito). We've realized we have lots of clothes that don't quite fit you yet, and only a few that do. We've realized how little sleep we can function on. We've realized the dogs are curious but very respectful of your space. We've realized a whole new love.


Sarah said...

Lisa - he looks so sweet. Congrats on bringing Levi home.


Am said...

Look at that hair! And how sweet is he sleeping!!! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!!!

Lisa Bone said... is a huge learning process, isn't it?! he's precious and i'm so glad he is home!!

hang in newborns always slept better in the car seat when they were newly home from the hospital since they were used to being curled up in the womb. they never liked being flat on their backs in the bassinet. everything works differently for'll figure out just what he wants/needs as you go along.

you're doing great! :)

love the pic of him....

Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of your little boy. I enjoy looking to see if you have posted new ones.
He is magnificent.
Can;t wait to see him. Aunty PatXXOOXX