Saturday, August 29, 2009


Levi met his great grandmother, Grandma Moses, for the 1st time yesterday. She put a tissue up under her glasses to keep from exposing Levi to old age. She had fun holding him & cooing over him & cursing in front of him. What. Your grandma doesn't curse? Well you clearly don't have Georgia Moses for a grandma. She'll be 87 next month and she has a story to tell.
Just ask her.


Lisa Bone said...

omg, that is a precious pic! what a hoot she is...she sounds like fun! that is such a blessing that he's met his great grandmother...not many bambinos get that opportunity.

so sweet....

Anonymous said...

This is so special. He is a lucky boy, in so many regards, but especially to have his great grandmother to oo and goo over him, as if he's not going to get any of that, right?!
Aunt B

Lisa Bone said...

thinking about your sweet grandma tonight and marveling at this great moment you caught of her meeting Levi...i bet it was such an incredible time for her to hold such a tiny and precious great grandson in her arms.

i'm so sorry for your loss.