Sunday, April 5, 2009


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I had to attend the Texas Speech & Hearing Assoc. annual conference, which happened to be in Austin this year. Yay! So, Matt packed up his mountain bike and came with. It was a fun trip - always nice to get away for a bit. Thur. night, Stubb's BBQ. Fri. night, Guero's tacos. I'm just glad I can eat dinner again. We decided next time we'll stay at the San Jose.
On the way back we stopped in Waxahachie and had lunch with Matt's parents. We walked around the town square some, where we saw the old store front where Matt's grandparents had their furniture store back in the day. We also heard the legend of the courthouse gargoyles. And we saw what used to be the town brothel. Which funny enough, is now a baby clothing store.

I think Matt and I decided that one day, we'll live in Austin.

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