Saturday, April 11, 2009

Matt's 37th

I wanted to surprise Matt with a day-date to celebrate our birthdays, since we'd be celebrating with family the rest of the weekend. We went to our old stompin grounds, Ft. Worth, to see the new Grand Canyon Adventure movie. It moved me to be better about conserving water. It moved Matt to want to raft the Grand Canyon.

Then we wandered around downtown a bit and ended up at Taverna for dinner. Next stop: Shakolad. MMMMMM! Finally, we capped off the night with a cold beverage at the Flying Saucer, where I got very strange looks walking to a table by myself, while Matt made a pit stop. People couldn't figure out what the pregnant lady was doing in the middle of a bar in broad daylight by herself. Shameless. Not all of the stares stopped when Matt came to the table either. Prolly cause he's so cute.

Happy Birthday honey. I'm so happy to be growing old with you. :)

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